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David Stothart

I have worked with Mike on numerous projects varying in scale from a few thousand dollars to multiple millions for nearly ten years and there are several key reasons why I come back to Mike again and again.

Mike understands the needs of business units and has a real world appreciation of the factors affecting business decisions. When you are trying to improve a business, having someone that can readily acknowledge, understand and swiftly think through appropriate ideas with you is a tremendous asset. Mike’s technical ability and real world experience truly help you achieve a working solution without having to battle your way there.

Trust is also vital. Mike will always look for the best solution for you, even if it means replacing himself with someone new. In this day and age when many are simply looking for ways to continue a paycheck, Mike’s level of integrity allows you the freedom to not worry if you have made the right choice.

As someone that deals with wide scoping projects and requirements, attention to detail and thoroughness is a trait that I demand in anyone with responsibility for making key decisions without my need to check. It is my experience that Mike will not only act as a ‘catch all’ for issues but will often have the appropriate solutions ready for discussion if a final approval is necessary.

I fully expect to be working with Mike in the future wherever I have need for a project or departmental leader who can be left to the task and trusted that the choices and direction will be in the best interests of the client.

– David Stothart

Previous CIO, Stockhouse Media Corporation
Previous CEO, Scionet Corporation
CEO, Innershare Corporation