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QuoteIt is a rare circumstance to have an individual with Mike’s IT abilities balanced by a keen sense of fiscal responsibility. He is incredibly competent in all areas of IT systems and has improved our operations dramatically by proposing and implementing appropriate solutions.

Scott Cormack, President & CEO, OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals

Mike has a depth of knowledge that allows him to competently and quickly resolve IT issues. His calm demeanor and quiet confident manner is extremely reassuring. Mike is a pleasure to work with!

Nikki Shannon, Director, Clinical Research, OncoGenex Technologies


I have worked with Mike on numerous projects varying in scale from a few thousand dollars to multiple millions for nearly ten years and there are several key reasons why I come back to Mike again and again.

Mike understands the needs of business units and has a real world appreciation of the factors affecting business decisions. When you are trying to improve a business, having someone that can readily acknowledge, understand and swiftly think through appropriate ideas with you is a tremendous asset. Mike’s technical ability and real world experience truly help you achieve a working solution without having to battle your way there.
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David Stothart

I was always confident that Mike could be deployed to handle nearly any situation in one of our portfolio companies with minimal supervision or guidance. With his broad skill set and ability to quickly understand the bigger picture for these companies, his role in these companies often transcended that of a technology executive.

Monjie Llorente, CEO and Chief Strategist, Llorente Wilson Partners


Mike possesses an uncanny ability to understand business strategy and translate it into technical solutions. He was able to communicate these solutions clearly with management and technical teams to ensure everyone understood the solution and the benefits to Fransen Engineering.

During the time Mike worked with us, we became dependent on his broad skill set, calm demeanor, and positive attitude. We were confident that Mike could handle any situation necessary and offer solutions that provided real value to Fransen.

Jim Noon, V.P. Corporate Services, Fransen Engineering

We have been exceptionally pleased with the difference Mike has brought to our work environment through improvements in new order processing time and our ability to more swiftly and cost effectively manage  a variety of client requests and needs.

Essentially, we are a more profitable business needing less to do more as a direct result of Mike’s input. Our investment in Mike has resulted in short,  medium and long term financial benefits that exceed in multiples the original investment to bring Mike on board.

Tom Miller, CEO, Premier Information Managmenet, Inc.

Mike and his team have been everything I could want form an outsourced service – responsive, knowledgeable, very clear about our needs, pleasant to deal with and conscious of our budgetary constraints.  [..] He understands what we do and where we are headed, and is always thinking about how we can address our information needs.

Jesse Katz, President, Copasetic Creative

One of his greatest skills is the ability to communicate business and technology concepts with anyone, from the CEO to a sales person. As most of our staff is non-technical, ths helped build a very strong relationship with Mike and his team and a deeper comfort in our technology solutions.

Former President, Biotechnology Company

Bottom line, Mike is an outstanding individual, both professionally and personally. I have had the pleasure and fortune of working with/for Mike and have found him extremely knowledgeable in what seems to be about every aspect of a business. His calm and precise manner is extremely reassuring and oddly infectious. On a personal note, Mike has been an inspiration and a mentor. Whether you have a professional or personal relationship with Mike, you will find him invaluable to you and/or your business.

Antony Hall, QCDocs Systems

Mike has an amazing ability to see the big picture and bring the people perspective to his approach when implementing technology strategies. He goes above and beyond and more than exceeded my expectations of his role.

QuoteErica Groshler, TPS Consulting


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