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Syncing SharePoint Calendars / Contacts to your Mobile Device

SharePoint is supposed to be the replacement for Public Folders in Exchange. Need shared calendars / contacts? Use SharePoint! While SharePoint works very well for most things, there’s a major gap in the functionality when it comes to synchronizing these folders to your mobile device.

SharePoint gives you the ability to connect lists to Outlook – this works fabulously for clean desktop integration. Unfortunately, SharePoint lists don’t sync to mobile devices.

There’s a couple products that provide full synchronization to mobile devices – specifically Colligo and SharePlus. I’ve used both products – they’re good products for sync’ing your SharePoint site, but they have you working in a sandbox. Contacts in SharePoint aren’t integrated into the native contacts lists, so you can’t access them to .. make a phone call. Or add to a CC on an email.

These tools do give basic functionality – you can call / email / whatever from within their application. It’s just not quite enough for smooth integration.

So how do you get your SharePoint contacts properly integrating?  Easy. And for free.

CodeTwo has a free plug-in called FolderSync that … (wait for it) … synchronizes folders in Outlook. It can be used to synchronize any folder, including connected SharePoint folders or Public Folders, to folders in your OST. Which then will sync with your mobile device!

An incredibly simple solution for a major issue for mobile users. Thanks CodeTwo!

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