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Your Leadership Feeling

There’s always a lot of discussions about leadership styles in the workplace, but very little discussion about something even more important – the feeling a leader offers. This is the essence of leadership – the ability to connect with others and provide a strong lead that they want to follow. It’s also an area that very little time is spent developing.

Generally, people like to be lead. Not dragged, not micromanaged, not forced and coerced. Led. Find a strong leader and you’ll find that people tend to follow them. It doesn’t matter if they’re extroverted and charismatic or if their quieter and calm. If they provide the right feeling, people naturally follow.

For most of us, we start with a personal philosophy, broken down into simple attitudes as done by Terry Starbucker:

In case you missed my take on this question on Twitter, here are what I consider to be the 5 most important attitudes that a great leader must have:
  1. Positivity Looking at the literal world in a favorable way€œ. This is the essence of what I call being a Half-Full leader.
  2. Purpose There must be a place you want to lead someone, or a group, (or yourself) TO
  3. Empathy & Compassion – I have to be able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, and dse 905 electronic cigarette starter kits apply the €œGolden Rule€œ
  4. Humility – You want to make them BETTER than you. You shine the light on them.
  5. Love You have to love leading, and not be afraid to talk about it, or express it.

I’d like to add a couple more key attitudes:

6. Connected – You are connected to, and care about those around you, not aloof.
7. Genuine – People know that you are who you say you are, and you live the attitudes you claim.
8. Ego-Less – While this sounds zen, it’s very important. The less everything is about you, the more everyone else can relate to it.

When these attitudes become part of us, they build into the feeling you provide to others. Recognizing and developing this feeling is one of the most important thing a leader can do. It can be the difference between an energized, positive team and a stressed and frantic one. It’s the difference between the team following you and having to be micromanaged.

It’s easy to have these attitudes when things are going well, but when stress comes, such as projects being behind or a deadline looming, do you stay positive with a sense of purpose? Maintaining the right attitudes takes a strong mind.

What kind of leader would you want to follow?

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