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Personal Branding Part 1 – Enginnering your Image

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been introduced to a number of of technical people who are either looking for a job/contract or are looking to step up into their next role. Their timing is great – any recruiter will tell you that the market is picking up. You can also see it from the number of postings on my aggregated Vancouver Tech Job RSS (feel free to subscribe).

Each of the people I met have been technically skilled, but are not having the success they’d like in their hunt. They all have had one thing in common – while they’re skilled and amply employable, they haven’t spent any time focusing on their personal branding.

You are your Image

You’ve heard that you are what you eat and you (probably) take care to eat (somewhat) well. You are your image. How you dress, speak, act defines you to others. On a diet to become more healthy? Put the same planning into your image and reap the rewards.

Spend time with people who excel in roles you would like to one day be in. If you’re a system administrator, look to CIOs. If you’re a software developer, find an amazing software architect. These people don’t have to same field – you may find a CFO or teacher or guru that has some trait that makes them successful.

Look for:

  • The way they speak
  • How you feel around them
  • The way they dress
  • Their habits

You’ll find many successful people have some of the same elements. Especially habits.

Pick the traits you like and make them part of you. This takes time, but is well worth the effort. These are the same people you want to appeal to. They’re your target audience. If you dress at the same level, talk the same talk and have some of the same positive habits, you’ll connect better with them.

When you apply for your next role, do you want to be seen as the system administrator / techie, or the manager or the one-day CIO?

Your personal image is just one part of how you engineer your professional success through branding. Join us next Tuesday for more.

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