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Office 365 Blackberry Beta

Anyone who I’ve talked to about cloud services knows I’m a big fan of Office 365. One of its biggest adoption stumbling blocks is the lack of true Blackberry integration. We’ve been told “it’s coming” since the first beta (then “60 days after general release”), but have been stood up so far.

When I saw the announcement last week of an open beta for Blackberry Cloud Services for Office 365, I got a little excited. Several of my clients are anxiously awaiting this so they can retire old Exchange 2003 servers.

After trying to sign up through my Office 365 Portal, I received a rather confusing message about an invalid password and the beta not being available in my area.

After a conversation with RIM, it turns out the open beta is not quite available yet. It’s expected sometime later this month and will be available in both the US and Canada (likely the whole North America region). A couple key points about the beta:

  • The beta is only available for Office 365 Enterprise plans.
  • It’s a beta and should be treated that way. It may not meet your service level requirements.

General availability is expected in January 2012.

Update: The open beta started yesterday! Works in Canada and the US. Great news for Microsoft’s fabulous cloud service. It’s available for any enterprise account or Exchange Online account.

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