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Viewing Message Headers in Outlook 2010

Recently I was helping troubleshoot an odd issue for a client.  During that process, I wanted to see the message headers for a meeting request I was sent.

I’m using Outlook 2010.  I opened a calendar entry for a meeting, a looked for message headers.  No obvious place for them.  The little box beside in the Tags area of the toolbar is not there!

After searching around, I found another option.  Under File tab, click the Properties button.  Aha!  A box for message headers.  Which was empty.  On every meeting request I’ve received.  It seems that Outlook 2010 doesn’t save headers with the actual calendar entries.

All was not lost.  In my deleted items I found the original meeting requests.  Upon opening them and clicking the little box beside in the Tags area of the toolbar, I was able to find message headers. Geeky lesson learned.

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