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Review: Conflict Management Course

I spent most of this week tucked away at the Justice Institute enjoying a great class called “Foundations of Conflict Management”.  That’s right – I didn’t say “network” or “server” or anything like that.  A course on conflict management. For the developing leader, especially in technology, courses such as these help us develop our less-used skills.

Where simply punching someone in the nose isn’t the right answer (when is it ever??), Foundations in Conflict Management provides an interesting framework for diving into (and hopefully solving) conflicts.  It touches on many important areas, including knowing your conflict style, developing an awareness of your own feelings/judgments/assumptions, how to ask open questions and how to work collaboratively to create a solution.  I was really impressed to find they also touched on mindfulness, an extremely important topic in conflict.

I’d recommend this course for any leader or person who deals with conflict (everyone).  If you avoid conflict, this course is especially important for you.

Thanks to Sherri and the rest of the class for a great experience!

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