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Announcing the Vancouver Technology Leaders Group

To all Vancouver-based technology managers and leaders!

There’s a new peer and networking group developing on LinkedIn.  The Vancouver Technology Leaders group is being assembled as a peer group for technology leaders. Apart from the standard discussions and the like, the plan is to have the group run lunches or networking events every few months.

Through my career I’ve always found challenges finding peers and mentors to discuss the non-technical aspects of my job with.  Hopefully this group will develop and become such a place for other technology leaders in Vancouver.

Come join us!

4 Responses to “Announcing the Vancouver Technology Leaders Group”

  1. Guy Avidan-Shavit Says:

    Hello Mike,

    As the IT/IS leader in a non-IT organization, I find myself struggle with a lot of issues that require innovative “selling” approaches. I think this group is a great idea and I hope to exchange a great deal of knowledge with other members. Hope to hear from the group soon


  2. Mike Knapp Says:

    Finding ways to “sell” IT projects can be challenging in some organizations. Sounds a good foundation for a future blog post …

    You’re approved and in!

  3. Sandeep Grewal Says:

    Hi Mike

    A good step in the right direction. I have been in the IT consulting field for almost 7 years now. Throughout my career I have been associated with forums and discussions groups where intellectual views were exchanged and there is so much knowledge out there.
    If there is a problem, there is a possibility people is a similar role have already solved it. I would be very interested in topics related to alignment of IT objectives to business strategic objectives and how these translated into day to day operations.

    Looking forward to the discussions.


  4. Mike Knapp Says:


    I’m actually leading an IT team through that exact process, diving into the company’s strategic plan and goals, then deriving IT maxims/goals/strategic projects and operational projects from them.

    It’s very interesting how the most challenging question so far is the definition of strategic versus operational!

    I’m looking forward to meeting you at the first event.

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