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Windows 7 Thoughts

I’ve now been using Windows 7 for about a month on both my desktop computer and my laptop.  So far, I’m quite impressed.  Microsoft has actually put together a stable, very functional operating system to replace Windows XP and Vista. 

Please note that this isn’t a review of Windows 7 – just a small gathering of thoughts. 

In my last post I admitted to being interested in Windows 7.  After the controversy of Vista, I truly hoped that Microsoft would do something right, but part of me feared they wouldn’t.  Some of the initial previews added to the hope side.  Installing Windows 7 and working with it myself strongly has made me believe that Windows 7 is a good product and companies can finally let Windows XP be retired. 

Installation of Windows 7 on my desktop was perfectly smooth, other than some confusion about how it wanted to partition my drive.  My Sony laptop (and older Vaio TX series) was much less smooth due to lack of driver support from Sony.  After a few hours of geeking away, both systems were up and running perfectly. 

Performance is surprizingly good on both systems.  My desktop is almost as fast to boot as my wife’s system (exactly the same systems, hers on XP).  Both systems actually feel crisper and more responsive with Windows 7 than they did with XP.  On the laptop, restoring from Sleep is amazingly fast – I’m back to working in under 5 seconds. 

Other things that Microsoft did right:

  • The new TaskBar
  • Updated Windows Update interface
  • Minmal UAC interruptions
  • Resource Monitor (oh, how I’ve wanted this so many times when troubleshooting systems)
  • Graceful recovery from crashes (see below)

What could be done better?  Internet Explorer 8.  So far, it’s the weak link of the system.  While they’ve done a good job of brining the interface up to speed, it has lots of problems.  Website display is buggy, it crashes regularly (completely hangs on me in Facebook).  It’s definitely not the same quality of a “beta” as the rest of the system. 

I’m looking forward to Windows 7 coming out.  I don’t know if it can fully recover from the stain that was Vista, but the beta is a good, solid system already.

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