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Windows 7 Hype

I find it entertaining to see the broad range of reactions to Windows 7.  The product is currently pre-beta, and various technology websites are posting their opinions like it’s the final release.  Windows 7 sucks.  Windows 7 is Vista done right

I’m disapointed in the hype mongering sites are doing.  One site I read (briefly, while shaking my head) went so far as to say that Windows 7 is Windows Vista because of thread and process counts.  Others say that the fact that it’s no faster than Vista for encoding video means it’s not an improvment. 

While many of us were hoping for a complete rebuild of Windows for the next major version, that’s not going to happen.  Vista was too much of a jump from XP to have them make another major jump in 3 years.  Windows 7 is going to a major improvement of Vista. 

All that being said, I find myself strangely excited about Windows 7.  I was at first about Vista, but then when I started to see the pig it had become, that excitement faded away.  Windows 7, so far, is faster (in the ways that count) and has learned many lessons from it’s overweight and less-than-intuitive predecessor.  Hearing about it running well on Netbooks and other small systems gives me hope that my note-taking slate will come one day.

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