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KB934525 makes SharePoint 3.0 very unhappy

Microsoft’s recently released KB934525 (SharePoint 3.0 security update) installed with other updates on one of our sites this past weekend. Of course, it caused nothing but problems. Also of course, the client uses SharePoint 3.0 has a critical business tool.

I was informed of the problem this morning. After some searching of the Internet, I discovered that many people are having problems with this update.

Part of the problem is that there are necessary post-installation processes that need to run on the server. If you don’t, your configuration and content databases are not updated and SharePoint simply doesn’t work right.

My troubleshooting steps should not be taken as a real process, as some things seemed to work by magic. I didn’t even sacrifice a chicken – magic without poultry (or a reasonable facsimile) always bothers me.


1. SharePoint sites were giving a login prompt, but then failed.
2. SharePoint Administration was telling me it couldn’t connect to the configuration database.
3. Errors in the event log (3 or 4 different ones), mostly relating to invalid signatures on the #SSEE database instance. Here’s an example:

Unknown SQL Exception 33002 occured. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

Access to module dbo.proc_getObjectsByClass is blocked because the signature is not valid.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. After verifying that the update was installed, I ran the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard. This failed, informing me that the search service failed to start. At the end, it reported an exception (which Microsoft’s article claims you can ignore).

2. Started the Search service: stsadm -o spsearch -action start.

I could now get into SharePoint to configure it, but when trying to connect to the site I would get a neat 404 error message. Sorry, I didn’t snag a copy of the message. Event log was still showing invalid signatures on WSS_Content. Progress!

3. After more reading online, I did the following:
A. Go to system driveProgram FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12Bin
B. run psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force. Without -force, it would fail stating that a previous attempt to update the database failed. Silly software, that’s why I was running it manually.

Step 3 didn’t seem to solve the problem either. After a quick IISReset, SharePoint was still giving me the same error message. Now 1.5 hours into troubleshooting – too long. Time to call Microsoft.

While calling Microsoft support, I rebooted the server. No real expectation, other than being able to check that off my troubleshooting list. Here’s where my lack of poultry comes it. When the server came back online (plus a couple minutes), SharePoint started responding properly. No more errors in the Event Log.

I guess we can consider this case closed, but I’m really not comfortable with the magic that was apparently performed.

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  1. Vizak Says:

    Thanks a ton for posting this very useful information. We tried our luck and it worked for us as well!!!

    Thanks again!

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