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Where to start?

So I’ve taken the plunge back into programming.  I haven’t had the time I was hoping for, but I’ve made some progress. 

Over the last month I’ve dug into C# a bit.  Worked through some tutorials, built some basic little silly apps to continue learning.  Installed SQL Server (Express and full) to play with some database connectivity. 

The learning curve hasn’t been as steep as I was expecting.  I did some Access/VBA programming a couple years back and do have a programming background (BCIT grad!).  This is my first real foray into true object oriented programming.  It’s neat.  Of course, I’m not actually trying to design and build anything from scratch yet. 

I have this idea that’s been percolating in my head for the past few years and I’m seriously considering starting to build it.  I wouldn’t expect it to be THAT tough .. but the challenge is where to start.  It’s web-based, and would be well suited to all the fancy web 2.0 / AJAX type stuff. 

Of course, learning more about CSS (I know the basics) and ASP.NET is a requirement.  But do I need to learn dHTML?  AJAX?  Does it really matter?  I’m sure hoping I can take a layered approach – start with the basics and improve as I go along.

At the very least, my bookshelf is getting full again!

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