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The Death of Groove

Groove is a pretty cool product.  Always has been.  When Microsoft bought Groove, it became a point of worry for me and many others.   Could they have purchased it purely to kill some competition?

Microsoft did some good things with Groove.  They’ve released (what looks like) a decent server platform for it, elevating it from a peer-to-peer product to one with a stronger reach into the Enterprise.  Groove can now link to, and leech, information from Sharepoint sites. 

Microsoft’s pricing of Groove is a death-sentence for the product.  It’s hard to convince anyone that Groove is worth over $250 per copy (retail).  Not when you can run Sharepoint Services as your server for free, and a product like Colligo to do your offline work (we use Colligo heavily here). 

I have had several clients now evaluate their use of Groove and make the transition to other solutions.  A couple to SharePoint, one completely dropping the functionality and going with a small online storage vendor. 

Same on you, Microsoft, for killing yet another potentially cool product!

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