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Applying for a Job?

Somehow it doesn’t seem to matter what job it is that people apply for – they’re always dreadfully unprepared.  This time around I’m hiring more people for one of my other projects, QCDocs Systems. 

Like when I hired for my company and when I hired for the graphics designer role at QCDocs, I’m finding applicatants haven’t done their research first.  So far (it’s day 2 of resumes coming in), most people have read the instructions and at least included a cover letter. 

Not a single applicant has done their research yet.  When I ask for a cover letter that wows and shows me how this person will be an exceptional member of the team, I expect that they’d do a little reading .. of our website.  Maybe include some basic information in there to show that they have read the website or know something about our market.  Heck – even figure out what my NAME is from the site (they get my e-mail address, and I am highlighted on the site!)

Having written this .. perhaps it’ll show up when the right person searches for QCDocs on Google.  You never know. . .

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