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Employee Retention: Combatting Complacency

Have you noticed that after doing the same thing for a company for a while, you get .. bored with it?  Of course you have.

Recently this has hit me square in the face.  I’ve been working with one of my clients for over 3 years without any change.  I didn’t recognize the warning signs – but the quality and timeliness of my work started to suffer.  That’s not acceptable in my books.

Good staff, (any staff for that matter) requires growth and change in their position or they will get complacent and their work will suffer (or they’ll leave). Managing the level of that change is an art unto itself, which I won’t talk about right now.

So what do you do about complacency?  One thing is to make sure that everyone on the team gets their share of cool, growth projects.  A friend’s company makes sure to tie in some “Google time” for people to work on off-the-books (but still semi-work-related) style fun projects.  I think this is a great idea – it lets your team learn and grow and stay interested in what they’re doing.

Don’t forget about mentoring and helping staff grow out of their positions.  Leaving someone in helpdesk 1 forever will slowly kill them (mentally).  Even if you don’t have the need for a helpdesk 2, giving them some server-related tasks or just SOMETHING new helps.

What am I doing about my client?  Changing things up a bit.  With my new consultant, I can distribute the mundane tasks a bit more, so we’ll make a plan to ensure the client gets the service they deserve.

2 Responses to “Employee Retention: Combatting Complacency”

  1. Spencer Schmerling Says:

    You hit the nail on the head! One of the best ways to keep employees on board is to offer them growth opportunities much like the ones you’ve mentioned here as well as allowing employees to pursue and compete for vertical and horizontal moves within a company. You might be interested to read my perspective on it on my own blog. You’ll notice that “opportunity” is one of the big 4 in my book.

  2. K&A IT Leadership and Tech Blog » Blog Archive » Strategies for High IT Worker Turnover Says:

    […] reduce in IT departments, and cross-training is key, one of the keys to retention is to have people constantly growing into new roles. When you plan and focus on growth throughout your department, it’s much easier […]

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