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BlackBerry Server Express!

In the midst of the whirlwind that has been the past few weeks, I found a great tasty morsel – Rim has released a “free” version of the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

This is fantastic news for many of my clients.  Most of them are small, highly connected businesses.  And yes, they ALL use Blackberries.  Being able to sync their calendars and contacts in real time would be like Christmas for them.

Blackberry Enterprise Server Express is free and includes 1 client.  You can purchase up to 14 more clients ($519 for a 5 pack) up to the limit of 15 clients.  If you outgrow it, there is an upgrade path to their bigger versions.

I think I’m already lined up for 3 installs of this in the next month or two.  Should be fun!

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