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Blackberry Outbound E-Mail Issues

This is something I’ve run into many times.  User has a Blackberry (using the webclient).  Everything works fine, then one day their outgoing e-mails stop sending and (eventually) out a nasty red X beside them. 

Generally, this is a problem with the service books on the unit.  Most of the time, it’s because a service book has been corrupted.  I have run into it, or problems like it, when the user reinstalled the desktop software and mistakenly selected “Desktop Redirector” instead of Webclient. 

The solution is pretty simple:

1. Delete the service books from the Blackberry.
2. Log into the web client and click “Resend Service Books”.

Easy huh?  When a crackberry addict has been without outbound e-mail for a couple hours, it’ll definitely make you look like a hero!

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