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Microsoft Origami

I find myself strangely excited about Microsoft’s soon-to-be-releaved Project Origami. Their silly little say-nothing website isn’t what’s doing it for me either.

Rumor has it that Project Origami will be something to the extent of a ultra-portible Windows Tablet PC. Other rumors are flying around about it being a media/video system as well, but that doesn’t interest me too much.

A while back I put some energy into trying to find a very small note-taker/reader style device. Something along the lines of a trade-paperback sized Windows Mobile PC. Alas, other than the insanely expensive OQO, I found very little. I’m just not willing to spend $2000+ on an experiment.

Years ago I carried an IPAQ around religiously. It tracked my tasks, my contacts, my appointments and a WHOLE LOTTA reading. It was great – except the screen made reading on it really tough. It was just too small to get enough information on it – I found myself constantly having to scroll around.

Recently, some of the training I’ve started doing has me taking a LOT of notes and drawing silly diagrams. I’ve tried to take the time to transpose my notes afterwards, but it’s a LONG process (imagine 25-50 pages of notes over 2 days of class!). I’d love a digital note-taker with good handwriting recognition (my writing sucks) that could help offload this from me. I’d be quite happy with it batching the processing as well.

So I guess I’ll have to wait patiently and see what they announce. Hopefully it’ll be cool and do what I want.

Link:  Project Origami on Gizmodo, other cool info

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